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ABT - Pakistani girls forced into prostitution in ME

"The traffickers forced the young girls to show themselves as virgins because most of their clients demanded young girls," said another victim. ... - 10k - -

RFA: Uyghur Girls Forced Into Labor Far From Home By Local Chinese ...

WASHINGTON—Several girls and young women belonging to the Muslim Uyghur ... girls who came back here have been subjected to forced labor [in Uyghur, hasha]. ... - 20k - -

Iraqi refugees turn to sex trade in Syria | International | Reuters

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - A score of young Iraqi women in tight, shimmering gowns ... but the struggle to make ends meet has forced some to share tiny apartments ... - 77k - -

Polygamists deny young girls forced to marry

Polygamists deny young girls forced to marry. B.C. church awash in wives: Mother claims her daughter, 16, to wed illegally National Post/October 13, 2000 ... - 5k - -

'Thousands' of British girls forced into child marriages - ABC ...

Every year, the British Government investigates 300 forced marriages, ... has been investigating the fate of thousands of young girls from south Asian ... - 23k - -

'Protect Young Girls from Forced Sex With HIV-Positive Men' (Human ...

'Protect Young Girls from Forced Sex With HIV-Positive Men'. Published in As the international Aids conference continues in Barcelona, ... - 16k - -

Afghanistan: Marriage Practice Victimizes Young Girls, Society ...

4 Jan 2008 ... In such places, many girls are forced into marriages when they are as young as nine or 10, says Khatema Mosleh of the Afghan Women's Network ... - 40k - -

'Thousands' of British girls forced into child marriages - World ...

... has been investigating the fate of thousands of young girls from south Asian ... but 24 years ago she was a girl who was forced out of a British school ... - 40k - -

High rates of HIV infection documented among young Nepalese girls ...

15 Oct 2007 ... The infection rate exceeded 60 percent among girls forced into ... relatively high profits earned from prostituting these very young girls, ... - 29k - -

Iran girls forced to work in Pakistani brothels

Twenty young Iranian girls have been returned home "in a state of mental and physical trauma" after being forced to work as prostitutes in Pakistan, ... - 4k - -

Girls in Nepal will be sent to school rather than to forced labor ...

The goal of this project is to rescue from bonded servitude young girls in ... Indeed, we are responsible for the rescue of 2500 young girls – last year, ... - 40k - - Zambia: 'Protect Young Girls from Forced Sex With ...

Some men seek out younger and younger girls in the hope that they will be Aids-free; others look for young girls based on the myth that having sex with a ... -

Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam | the Daily Mail

Extremist Muslims who force vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are ... But his friendship with a young reporter caused great unhappiness to his ... -

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Every year, many thousands of young girls, living in Muslim inhabited communities in European countries face forced marriages. In Muslim immigrant families, ... - 14k - -

Parents Win…For Now… As Forced Injections Bill is Stalled!

“In its present form this bill to mandate forced injections on 6th grade girls does not ... “Today’s actions are a victory for parents and young girls. ... - 25k - -

How to Avoid Honor Killing in Turkey? Honor Suicide - New York Times

BATMAN, Turkey — For Derya, a waiflike girl of 17, the order to kill ... “Families of disgraced girls are choosing between sacrificing a son to a life in ... -

Rape fantasy - 2 Korean young girls forced to have sex (uncensor ...

Rape fantasy - 2 Korean young girls forced to have sex (uncensored) screens #1: screens #2: ... - 12k - -

BBC NEWS | UK | Baltic girls forced into sex slavery

Baltic girls forced into sex slavery ... Like "Veronica" she had been tricked into coming to the UK by a young man who befriended her before feeding her a ... - 48k - -

Moldova Prisons <p> Project New Life: Young Girls Are Forced

Young Girls Are Forced. The matron maintains her control over the girls in the prison. They are subject to routine "inspections" on this stirruped table. ... - 15k - -

Forced marriage fear prompts a national count of missing girls ...

8 Mar 2008 ... The Home Affairs Committee is to report on forced marriage and .... 'purchased' some young girls in a pioneering effort to raise the age of ... -

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