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Filter videos that may not be suitable for minors Note: some videos not suitable for minors may still appear in search results. mario being raped by girls ... - 78k - -

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I was raped before this. I remember being raped. I say that we're fighting back. I give speeches and say that women and girls are being raped and we need to ... - 14k - -

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Despite being released, some are unable to cope with the violence they ... Asia News IRAQ Abducted and raped, young Christian women and girls are driven to ... - 21k - -

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The story of Atefah Sahaaleh, an Iranian 16-year old girl, hung for 'crimes against chastity'. Her crime? Being raped by a 51-year old man. - 83k - -

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For some reason, Hindu teenaged girls are being kidnapped and raped in different parts of Pakistan. The Pakistani Government is astonished at this strange ... - 15k - -

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This is supposedly a photo taken of Chinese women being raped during the May ... hurts" That time I didn't know that these little girls were being raped. ... - 9k - -

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Child rape: A taboo within the AIDS taboo; More and more girls are being raped by men who believe this will 'cleanse' them of the disease, but people don't ... - 15k - -

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The court dismissed the girl's claim that she was raped. It said she had sex of her own free will, the official Iran Daily newspaper reported. ... - 33k - -

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Human Rights Watch has documented several cases of female rebels being involved in 'finding' and later abducting young girls to be later raped by their ... - 20k - -

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The website showed photographs and videos of Iraqi women and girls being brutally raped. We hope the website has shut down permanently for it only ... - 8k - -

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But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she ... - 18k - -

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